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Company Disclaimers:

  • Mileage for projects – Out of town projects may incur additional costs for transportation, and if you are located a great distance from Calgary, there may be housing costs includes in your estimate.
  • Dust while working on client projects – On larger projects, homeowners usually leave for the duration. However, every effort is made to ensure the cleanliness of the rest of your home by cordoning off the project area. Even so, there may be slight amounts of dust that escape. It’s best to leave everything as is until the project is done. Cowgirl Construction will make every attempt to preserve a clean and healthy environment during construction, and will ensure a thorough clean-up of the project area upon completion. Once that is done, you are free to employ your feather duster on any errant dust-bunnies!
  • Changes to scope of work – If a client makes any substantial changes at any point during construction or after completion, these are considered change-orders and will incur additional costs.


Portage Mutual
Liability Insurance – $2 Million

Additional labor costs – Ask your contractor if your project will require additional skilled workers. This will ensure that this cost is included in your final estimate.

Work after project completion – Once your project is complete, you may decide that you are so happy that you would like to carry on with further projects. In rare instances, you may wish to change something that you had originally wanted. In both cases this would require a new estimate and contract. If it is something small, this is considered a change-order and will be up to the discretion of Cowgirl Construction as to if there will be any additional charges.

Liability – Cowgirl Construction has $2 million of liability insurance.